Wireless Door Sensor for Vimtag Cameras | HSN:- 85319000


  • Model Name/No: Vim_Door Sensor
  • Wireless Door Sensor: Connect Vimtag RF Door/window Sensor with your Vimtag camera and simply convert your IP camera into a hi-tech security system. Perfect for all-around Security, Home Monitoring, Pet Monitoring, Business Monitoring and Baby monitoring.
  • Push Alert Notification: Protect Entry from Door, Window, Closet and Drawer. Users will get an alert notification on the mobile application whenever the sensor is triggered. Vimtag wireless sensor with low power consumption with more than 1-year battery-life, in-built led light indicator.
  • Universal Compatibility: Vimtag EGI-RF connector is to connect the sensor with the Vimtag IP Camera. It is compatible with CP2, CP3 and F2 models of Vimtag camera.
  • Wireless Installation: Vimtag Door/window Sensor is easy to set up. Just simply configure the sensor with a Vimtag camera using the RF connector. The device is ready to use using the mobile application.

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Vimtag Wireless door sensor with alarm for Home Security

Vimtag door sensor with alarm with advanced RF technology, whenever anyone tries to open the door, the camera will send an alert on Vimtag mobile application and you can watch live CCTV feed and monitor your premises that who has entered the house/business. Users can attach any number of sensors with a Vimtag camera.

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1. Easy Installation: Simply attach RF plug with camera, open mobile app & configure door sensor in mobile app.
2. Battery Operated: Always remain secure even in power cut with battery operated door sensor.
3. Motion Alert:Get real time motion detection alert, monitor who entered in house.






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