Renewed Wireless RF Connector for Vimtag Cameras | HSN:- 85369090


  • Model Name/No: RF Connector
  • Vimtag RF Connector: Connect Vimtag RF Connector Sensor like Door Sensor, SOS Sensor via Vimtag RF Connector.
  • Universal Use: With Vimtag RF Connector you can apply it to doors and windows, medicine chests, drawers, file cabinets, safety boxes, etc. RF Connector has an in-built led Indicator with Low-Power Battery dissipation.
  • Warranty: This Product Vimtag RF Connector comes with 1 Month Warranty with No Replacement and Refund Accepted.

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Vimtag Wireless RF Connector for Extra Home Security

Vimtag RF Connector Plug is a simple and small device that can be directly attached to the camera and enable to connect of any type of Vimtag RF Sensor to connect and configure with most Vimtag security cameras.

Vimtag RF Connector Plug is easy to convert your IP camera into a Hi-Tech Security Solution, It is compatible with Gas Sensors/Fire Sensors/Door Sensors or SOS Buttons. Vimtag RF Connector is designed for all-around security like home monitoring, pet monitoring, and business monitoring.

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1. Compatible with all VIMTAG RF Sensors: Can be used to attach any RF sensor i.e. door, window, fire & gas sensor.
2. Easy Installation: Simply insert RF plug into camera power port and it is ready to use.
3. No separate power needed: As RF Plug directly connect between camera and power port, there is no need to supply external power to RF plug.



  • 1x New VIMTAG SOS sensor.




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