Re-Newed Wireless Smart Switch for D3D Alarm System-D10


  • Model Name/No: D9_SSW
  • Smart Switch: Wireless Smart Home Automation System Switch to Remote Control Home Electric Device, It is compatible with D3D D10 Home Security Alarm System.
  • Universal Use: D3D D9 SSW with On/Off Home Electric Device like AC/Cooler/Washing Machine/TV/Water Motor Directly from the Mobile Application.
  • Long Battery: Low Power Consumption Shock Proof Peace of Mind, Easy and Hassle-Free.

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D3D Wireless Smart Home Automation System Switch D9 SSW for Home Security

With D3D D9 SSW Smart Switch control your Home Electrical Appliances, on the go, in an Easy and Hassle-Free-Way. Let your home be powered with a D3D Smart Gadget D9 SSW to easily and happily run electrical appliances.

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D9 SSW is compatible with D3D D10 Home Security Alarm System. You can control it from anywhere in the World through the D10 home security alarm system using the mobile application (Wissen). It is compatible with the timer to let the device work, even when you are not at home. Note: No Hub Required.


*D3D Smart Wi-Fi Outlet stays connected to your home network, so you can access your devices as needed on your smartphone through mobile application.*You can schedule automatically to turn on or off the electronic devices such as Lights/TV/Oven/Air/Conditioners ETC as your need. When the device is in use, set the time, the device will turn off automatically*Best for fire prevention in case forget to switch off light.*Turn devices ON and OFF at different times to give the appearance that someone is at home while you are away.*Easy to Share with your family members.


Standard Package Including:

1 x Wireless smart Switch




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