D3D Wi Fi CCTV Camera For The Home Shop and Offices Model F1-362B | HSN:- 85258090

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  • Model Name/No : F1-362B
  • LIVE MONITORING: 24×7 Live monitoring of your home or shop direct on your mobile phone. Easy to install wi fi CCTV camera to keep your home & family safe. Keep an eye on your home or business from anywhere in the world.
  • SD CARD & CLOUD RECORDING: Not only keep an eye on your home or shop, but at the same time record high quality videos in SD card or cloud server that can be accessed and monitor anytime. The footages recorded by D3D wi fi cctv camera can be used as evidence in the event of a crime. Cloud server is an alternative method to keep all recordings safe on secured server, which can be accessed anytime.
  • ALEXA VOICE COMMAND: With latest artificial technology, D3D Wi fi CCTV camera support voice command using the alexa show device. Control all features and functions of D3D cctv camera simply with a voice command. Ask alexa to show kid’s room & D3D camera live view will be displayed on your Alexa device.
  • HD 1080P QUALITY: D3D CCTV cameras are a great choice for Home & Businesses, as they provide round-the-clock security and allow you to access footage from any device, including smartphones and tablets. CMOS 2.0 MP sensor provide ultra HD 1080p live videos on mobile or computer screen.

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Features Of Wi fi CCTV camera
Alexa compatible Wi fi CCTV camera

 Work With Alexa 

Powered with Alexa voice command, D3D Wi fi CCTV camera can also be fully controlled from Alexa show device. Working in office, simply ask Alexa to show live view from kid’s room.

Alexa device will send command to D3D camera and D3D camera will display the live view. User can also control various functions of D3D Wi fi CCTV camera from alexa voice command. No need to operate mobile app to control D3D camera, Use Alexa voice commands for hand free easy control.

Rotatable CCTV camera

360 Degree Panoramic View

D3D wi fi CCTV camera has a inbuilt rotating motor with wide-angle lens that gives you a 360-degree view of your space. User can swap the mobile screen to change the view direction of D3D camera.

This 360 rotation function allow to watch & monitor every corner of your home from a single D3D camera. There is no need to install multiple cctv camera to capture different directions. Keep an eye on your home, office, or shop while you’re away.

Wi fi CCTV camera with motion detection

Motion Detection Alert

D3D cctv camera work as a 24×7 security guard of your home. Even when you are away on business trip, D3D camera keep an eye on your home. D3D wi fi camera have integrated PIR motion detection sensor, that detect any personal movement in the protected area and send live alert on user mobile application.

So if you are not able to watch live view from your CCTV all the time, you will get notification whenever any movement is detected. D3D camera will also trigger an alarm from inbuilt speaker when the motion is detected. This alarm will deter intruders to run away and prevent any security threat at home in your absence.

AI Face Detection Wifi Camera

AI Human Face Detection

With the development of artificial intelligence, D3D CCTV cameras are becoming more and more advanced. They are now able to identify faces and objects, and even distinguish between animals & human faces.

D3D wi fi camera are able to not only detect intruders, but also identify them and track their movements. As a result, they are becoming increasingly popular among home owners and businesses. With D3D AI face detection feature, you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world. You can also monitor your home while you’re away to ensure that everything is safe and sound.

Sound Detection CCTV Camera

Sound Detection

In addition to motion & face detection, D3D CCTV camera also have the sound detection function that is very helpful to keep an eye on your home while you’re away, or to keep an eye on your baby or pet. D3D camera send alert on user mobile application when sound is detected near the camera.

So you will get instant notification if the baby cry alone in his room or your pet is hungry. D3D Sound detection CCTV cameras can be used to detect intruders, provide security for events or gatherings, and monitor any areas where there is a potential for loud noise (such as factories or construction sites).

2 way audio Camera

2 Way Audio

D3D Wi fi CCTV camera have inbuilt Mic & speaker to voice communication between camera & user’s mobile phone. This Two-way audio communication provides an extra level of security and peace of mind for business owners and homeowners, as they can directly talk to people near the camera, and hear what is happening in the surrounding area.

Especially very helpful to monitor and take care elderly family members at home. You can monitor them and call them directly on camera and remind them to take their medicine. Technology that not only protect family but also keep them closer.

Camera Live view

PC/Laptop/Mobile View

D3D live video feed can be seen on multiple windows, which can be displayed on different screens or devices. Simply install the mobile application on your smart phone or window software on your computer or laptop. Enter your D3D user name and password to watch the live view from multiple D3D cameras.

Don’t miss any best moment of your life & watch your kids playing while working on laptop in office. You can also share the camera access with your friends or family member and they can also watch the live view. Each user is able to control their own viewing window, and can also select which cameras they want to view.

Night Vision IP Camera

Night Vision

D3D Wi fi CCTV camera are equipped with infer red night vision. Night vision offer superior image quality and resolution, making it easier to identify people and objects in dark atmosphere. Another major benefit of infrared night vision CCTV cameras is that they can help to reduce crime.

By being able to see in the dark, you can identify criminals who may be attempting to commit a crime under the cover of darkness. This can help to deter crime and keep your home and business safe. D3D camera can automatically switch between day & night mode based on the darkness. User can also control the night view mode manually.

Recording CCTV Camera

Cloud & SD Card Storage

Insert upto 128 GB SD card into your D3D camera to record all live videos or images. User can also save videos on D3D secured cloud server. These saved videos on SD card or Cloud server can be accessed on user mobile phone anytime using the internet connection.

The most obvious benefit of recording videos is that you have a record of everything that happens on your property. This can be an invaluable resource if you ever need to provide evidence of an incident to police or local authority. Cloud server keep all recording safe even if the camera SD card is stolen or broken.

Camera with Data protection

Data Protection

For your safety & privacy, D3D camera encrypt all data before transmitting over the internet. This will help to ensure that the data is safe, even if it is stolen or compromised by hackers. Unlike other ordinary CCTV, D3D camera use 1024 data encryption & transmission security that is mainly used by banks and defence systems.

Only the authorised user can access camera live view or recorded footages. This makes D3D wi fi cctv camera a perfect solution for small businesses and home owners who want to keep their property safe and secure.

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  • *Advanced Smart PTZ Cloud Camera with Artificial Intelligence.
  • *Work with Alexa Echo Show. Give voice commands to control your PTZ IP Camera easily for perfect home security.
  • *Face Detection, Voice Detection and Smart Tracking.
  • *Complete wireless CC camera Wireless system for easy home installation.
  • *Hybrid Home Security Alarm function to add extra sensors i.e. door sensor, fire sensor etc.
  • *Easy to setup and operate wireless cctv camera. No need of installation services.
  • *iOS / Android app for remote mobile monitoring. PC application for large screen view.
  • *Support up to 128 GB SD card. F1362B IP Camera also support cloud recording to save on the FTP Cloud server.
  • *High-Resolution Infrared 1080P vision.
  • *Support infrared night vision, real-time video, automatic covering and view video playback at any time.
  • *Real-time two-way audio communication.
  • *Support multiple users live view recording at same time.


Technical Specification
Model No. F1362B
Chipset GM8136S +SC2135
Resolution 2.0MP(1920×1080)
Sensor Type 1/2.7″Progressive Scan CMOS
Pan & tilt: Horizontal350°, vertical 105°
Lens LK18 1/2.7″ HD lens,f=3.6mm,F=2.1
Field of vision Horizontal 86°/Vertical 48°
Aperture Fixed
Sensitivity 3.8V/lux-sec
Day& Night switching Infrared dual-filter automatically switches
Video Code H.264 Dual stream
Frame rate 25 fps(Day)/12 fps(Night)
Audio Compression AAC/G.711, Two-way voice intercom
Frequency Range 2.4GHz~2.4835GHz
WIFI Standard IEEE8.02.11b/g/n
Customer Interface
Ethernet 10/100Mbps RJ-45 interface
Power interface Micro USB
Local Storage 1 TF(Micro SD) storage interface, up to 128GB
Status indicator 1pcs Two-color LED
Speaker 8Ω 0.5W
Reset One key reset
IR LEDs Light sensitive sensor+11pcs LEDs
Power Supply DC5V, <2A
Power consumption <5W
Working conditions -10℃~+50℃@humidity10%~ 95% no condensation
Storage conditions -40℃~+75℃@humidity10%~ 95% no condensation
Product Size Φ93*114.5mm
Net Weight 350g
Packing Specification /Power plug / Data line/ Certificate
Mobile APP App Name: MIPC(Real-time monitoring/ alarm push/ store view/ remote access function)

Support IOS/Android

Support to use mobile phone to view real-time video and playback video

Support to use mobile phone to local record and screenshot

Support to APP notification push

Support two-way voice


Standard Package Including:

1x New D3D F1362B 2MP IP Camera- Black
1x 1.5M High Quality India Power Supply (Output: 5V 2A)
1x Wall Mount Bracket
1x Pack of Screws
1x Detailed User Manual




Q1-Why this product is listed as Renewed Deal?The product only work when connected to internet modem using a LAN cable. This product can’t be connected / configured using the Wi-Fi connection. After connected with LAN cable, the camera work normally and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Q2-How to Install D3D home Wi fi CCTV camera ?

For quick & easy installation of D3D CC camera Wireless, please follow the steps shown in the installation video. In summary:

  • Search & install mobile app MIPC
  • Add wifi cctv camera into mobile app & enter your wifi password
  • Follow on screen instructions

Q3-What is smart Ai function?

Smart AI means Artificial Intelligence applied using the code & logics. D3D is the first company to apply AI in the home Wi fi CCTV camera. USing AI function, D3D wifi cctv cameras can detect Face, Voice & Automatic rotation.

Q4-How does Face Detection work?

Using the smart AI Face Detection function, D3D camera will send automatic alerts on user’s mobile application whenever human face is detected

Q5-How does D3D cctv cameras work with Alexa?

Using the Alexa show device, user can give voice command to wifi camera i.e. ask alexa to show front door OR ask to rotate the camera

Q6-What is Smart AI Auto Rotation?

Using Smart AI Auto Rotate function, D3D home Wi fi CCTV camera can detect any moving person and automatically keep rotating the camera according to person movement

Q7-How does sound detection work?

D3D home Wi fi CCTV camera will detect any sound and send the alert on user mobile phone i.e. if the baby cry at night, wireless cctv camera in baby room will send alert to parent mobile phone in another room.

Q8-How does camera detect the human motion?

With inbuilt PIR sensor, cctv camera detect the human motion and send alert on user mobile application

Q9-How to reset home Wi fi CCTV camera password?

To reset password, Just power on D3D camera and then press reset button at back of camera for 5 sec. After successful reset, camera will make reset sound.

Q10-How does D3D home Wi fi CCTV camera save live videos?

D3D wifi cctv Camera can save live videos in SD card, Cloud server or in D3D network drive. Camera support upto 128 GB micro SD card or D3D network drive with upto 4TB hard disk. For Cloud storage user can buy the required package online.

Q11-Is it possible to mount camera on ceiling or wall?

Yes, D3D Wi fi CCTV camera is provided with mounting bracket & all required screws to fix camera on wall or ceiling. User can also flip the live view or rotate camera in 360 direct from mobile app

Q12-Is it possible to mirror live view on TV screen?

Camera can be accessed on mobile phone or PC using its application. User can easily output the camera live video from PC to TV using the HDMI or any other compatible wifi method supported by TV

Q13-What is RF sensor function?

Using this unique function, user can attach additional RF sensors with camera i.e. motion sensor, door/window sensor, fire sensor. By adding RF sensor D3D IP cctv camera can work as a security alarm system & send alerts on user mobile app if any motion is detected in any room or any window or door is opened.

Q14-Can I connect D3D home Wi fi CCTV camera using the jio dongle or using mobile phone hotspot?

D3D home Wi fi CCTV camera can be connected using any wifi dongle or mobile phone hotspot.

Q15-Does it need any paid service to see live view from the app?

No,there is no extra charges to see live view from D3D wifi home Wi fi CCTV camera . Just download the mobile app and access D3D camera from anywhere in the world. user can watch live video on multiple devices i.e. phone, tab or laptop

Q16-How to download the recorded video from D3D wifi cctv camera?

In mobile app, click on the recording button and download the video from SD card

Q17-What is the frequency of WiFi signal for D3D wifi IP camera?

This camera will work at 2.4Ghz Frequency.

Q18-Does D3D Wi fi CCTV camera have any inbuilt siren?

Yes, D3D home security wifi camera have inbuilt siren that can be triggered when any motion is detected.

Q19-Can the user listen sound from camera?

Yes the camera have inbuilt mic & speaker. User can listen & talk between camera & mobile app. User do live video chat with their family using the D3D camera from anywhere in the world. No need of seprate computer or laptop

77 reviews for D3D Wi Fi CCTV Camera For The Home Shop and Offices Model F1-362B | HSN:- 85258090

  1. Mayur

    This product deserve more than 5 stars

  2. Ravindra

    Its a very good camera.

  3. Ram Lal

    Good Product

  4. Abhinav

    Picture quality is very clear

  5. Mayank

    Good product. Go for it.

  6. Shruti

    Great CCTV camera for homes. The picture quality is great and built is good how ever the 2-way sound is not that crisp clear. It needs improvement. Overall it serves the purpose. Has motion sensor and can send email/app notifications on movements. Also has light sensor so during low-light/night, it optimises its night vision. The app for live remote monitoring is easy to use and a handy thing.

  7. Kavya

    Super product, must buy

  8. Lucky

    Product is very impressive. Go for it.

  9. MNB

    wonderful camera and works as advertised

  10. kalyani

    Very good product for the price range… it has excellent night vision, a microphone which enables us to speak over the camera to people nearby the cam…motion detection alarm system if enabled sends us an email with pictures…the only flaw I found was the application we use to operate the camera consumes high memory in the phone…

  11. G. Pandey

    Product is good. No issues.

  12. Lisha

    Picture quality is very good

  13. John


  14. Virat

    Like it very much. Technical support is highly appreciable

  15. Aravind Naick

    I had bought this camera mainly to keep track of my infant son – as a baby monitor. By connecting this camera to the home wifi, I can monitor him from anywhere in the world using the mobile app. The camera angle can be adjusted almost 360 degrees, using swipe function on the app. The camera captures images really well in the dark too – using infrared.

    Set up is easy:
    1. Just plug in the power cord, and the camera will whirr to life. After it has completed the initial test rotations, it will produce a ‘ding dong’ sound indicating that it’s ready for set up.
    2. Now, download the iMegaCam app from the app store and scan the QR code under the camera using the app.
    3. Next, configure your home wifi using the same app.
    4. You’re all set. You can view what’s happening in your home – from around the world. You can take screenshots or video capture using the mobile app.

    If you want constant recording (without using the mobile app), use the microSD card provision.

    At my home, I haven’t fixed the camera down. So, If I want another room to be monitored, I just move the camera to that room and plug it in. Since it’s the same home wifi n/w, I don’t need any further configuration.

    At night, the red infrared LEDs light up as a ring around the camera lens. Please keep in mind that this is a dead giveaway that the camera is on.

  16. Venkatesh rao

    Such a useful & qulity product. Looks really cool. Very happy with picture qulity & use. Best part is just take few miutes to setup camera on mobile app & bingo you have your eyes at home all the time.
    Value for money and I think far ahead than any other brand in market

    – installation just easy
    – clear night vision
    – crisp hd view
    – in addition to mobile app, can also view on PC. I think can also view on tv using hdmi, but I havent tried yet.
    – unique function to all extra sensor
    -alarm from camera
    -cloud storage & alexa control

    -Cloud storage might be more economical
    -better to have a screen as well
    -power cord might be bit small in case you dont have plug near by

  17. Nitin Verma

    Camera warranty registered also Alexa is working good

  18. Ajay T.

    I bought this camera mainly because of alexa support. Other cameras in market with alexa cost more than 15k, this one for just 2400 is amazing.I have alexa at my office & I just ask alexa to show me kids room or kitchen and it just display the live view. After buying and testing frist camera now I bought 5 more cameras and installed in all rooms. From my office I just say the room name and alexa show me live video. Its so amazing and fascinating use of technology like I am just in some sci-fi movie

  19. mannu

    Best home security camera.Good product


    batter deal mil gyee h

  21. Pinky

    Must buy this product for your home security.

  22. Pradeep K.

    Picture quality is good. Rotation system is also good. Night vision gives black and white but clear picture in the night. And service of Amazon is very good.
    Thank you.

  23. Kuldeep

    Wonderful product I ever purchased

  24. Ajay T.

    I bought this camera mainly because of alexa support. Other cameras in market with alexa cost more than 15k, this one for just 2400 is amazing.
    I have alexa at my office & I just ask alexa to show me kids room or kitchen and it just display the live view. After buying and testing frist camera now I bought 5 more cameras and installed in all rooms. From my office I just say the room name and alexa show me live video. Its so amazing and fascinating use of technology like I am just in some sci-fi movie

  25. CA Milton Bain

    Product Description
    D8801 Home Security IP Camera
    D8801 Home Security IP Camera
    Mobile Control: Advanced 360 Pan/Tilt/Zoom control using the mobile app or PC. Smart H.264 video encoding for smooth 1080P Ultra HD streaming even with low internet speed.

    Easy Home Installation: With smart P2P & Wi-Fi function, simply install the mobile app & set up D3D camera. Simple put on a table or Universal mounting bracket included for ceiling/wall hanging.

    Enhanced SD Card storage: With D3D unique compressed video technology, the camera can save up to 75% more video on SD card as compared to other cameras.

    Motion Detection Alerts: With inbuilt PIR sensor camera detect person movement and send smart alert on mobile app in real time.

    Night Vision: With inbuilt infrared 850 NM light, D3D camera provides clear night vision at night for up to 32 feet distance.

    Main Features & Functions:
    D3D F1-362B Indoor camera Works With Alexa
    Works With Alexa
    Equipped with Smart Artificial Intelligence, you can control your camera using the Alexa Echo device. Missing family, simply give a sound command to Alexa to show live view from D3D Camera.

    D3D F1-362B Camera Remote Control By Phone/PC
    Remote Control By Phone/PC
    Easy to use iOS & Android mobile app to control D3D camera on mobile phone & PC. Rotate camera in 360 direction left/right/up/down by a simple mobile touch. Your home security is fully controlled & monitored on your smart phone.

    D3D F1-362B Camera Smart HDR Video
    Smart HDR Video
    D3D Auto Video Enhance feature provide better HD contrast & brightness for detailed colour display. The smart HDR enables to convert any low light image into more natural & vibrant colour without any colour distortion.

    D3D F1-362B Camera IR Night Version
    IR Night Version
    Built-in 850nm Infrared light with smart image sensor to automatically switch the video display between day & night mode according to surrounding light situation. Deliver a crisp & clear night view upto 35 feet distance.

    D3D F1-362B Camera Smart Home Automation
    Smart Home Automation
    D3D Unique feature support to attach additional WiFi plugs & switches for smart home automation. Add additional security sensors like door/window or motion sensors and convert your IP camera into an security system.

    D3D F1-362B Camera 8x Digital Zoom
    8x Digital Zoom
    8x Digital Zoom allows images to be enlarged without distortion. And 340 horizontal and 120 vertical rotation range creates a complete 360 protection without blind angle.

    F1362 B Cloud Storage
    Cloud Storage & SD Card Recording
    Live video storage on Cloud Server. Keep recording safe even if camera is stolen or broken. Images & videos can also be stored in SD card & Hard Drive. Support cloud box with multiple cameras connection for extended storage upto 4TB.

    Buying cloud storage is not mandatory to record camera videos. As camera can still record in SD card or Personal Cloud Box hard drive. You can also contact merchant to get the activation code for 1 month free cloud storage. After using the activation code, You can enable the free cloud storage for 1 month with unlimited storage sufficient to record 7 days videos.

    To continue cloud storage after 1 month free subscription,You need to buy the required cloud package as per your choice.

    The Package Includes:
    1x New D3D F1-362B IP Camera- Black
    1x 1.5M India Power Supply (Output: 5V 2A)
    1x Wall Mount Bracket
    1x Pack of Screws
    1x Detailed User Manual
    D3D F1-362B Camera Easy Installation

    D3D next generation WiFi IP Home Security Camera with Smart AI & Alexa. All In One security solution for your home that takes all worries out of your mind and help to:
    1-Get 24×7 free live view of your home on mobile phone.
    2-Keep an eye on what children are doing when alone at home.
    3-Check if maid is arrived on time and doing the tasks properly.
    4-Speak from camera and ask children to study and not waste time on browsing internet or mobile.
    5-Send you alert on mobile phone whenever some enter in your home.
    6-Record all day video and playback to check what happened in your absence.
    7-Rotate camera in 360 direction from mobile & check if lights, fan or AC is ON un-necessary.

    Features & details
    ALEXA SUPPORT: Support Alexa Echo Show. Control D3D camera with voice command like show live view, turn left, turn right etc.
    SMART HOME AUTOMATION & SENSORS: D3D Unique feature that support to attach additional WiFi plugs & switches with camera for smart home automation. Add additional security sensors like door/window or motion sensors
    ULTRA HD 1080P: Stunning video quality with auto video enhance feature for crisp & clear image. Support all iOS & Android mobile phones. Support PC view for large screen display.
    SMART MOTION DETECTION: With smart motion detection, D3D camera will start real time recording & also send push notification.
    CLOUD RECORDING & SD CARD: Cloud function to securely store all videos in real time. Support SD card (upto 128 GB). One month free Cloud storage

  26. Dhruv

    This product is easy to install and use. Basic software. Very user-friendly. With lots of functionalities. I had an issue with the camera tilting function and I thought there is some issue with the camera. But when I contacted the after sales support team, they called up and solved my issue. I just had to manually reboot the system. With 1 year warranty and good aftersales support, this product is worth a buy in 3k.

  27. Saugata Bhattacharjee

    Excellent product performance as per specifications

  28. Sanju

    The service of support staff is godd and promppt

  29. Amazon Customer

    Motion detection is good, but the alerts are quite annoying it even detects curtain movement and gives false alerts… quality of the image is poor…

  30. Yashika

    Awesome camera

  31. Amit Sareen

    After using it for over a week on a home network, over the internet, on the app, as well as the laptop and from different cities, I’m completely happy with the amazing security camera! The customer support is excellent, couldn’t have asked for more! They sent me installation videos even before the product arrived. Installation was a breeze. They have a Whatsapp number, I had a couple of doubts which were solved within 30mins over WhatsApp itself. The picture quality is really nice even in complete darkness. Loved the product and the service. Even supports 2-way audio which is very helpful. Overall, very happy with my purchase, completely serves my purpose.

  32. Roy Alex

    Product is fairly good. No issues.

  33. Sunil

    This camera is having audio issue. Try to contat CC to replace it. Will post another review once receive the new one.

  34. Eva

    Best products from d3d

  35. Harmeet

    The product quality is very good

  36. Yamini

    Great product

  37. Yogesh

    Good support by team.

  38. Jhoomri

    The motion detection function of this camera is cool and impressive

  39. kamal

    Good product

  40. ankit

    Excellent product. No issue so far

  41. Nicholas anderson

    It’s a good quality product, night vision works fine and motion detection is very accurate and you can adjust the sensitivity. Tech support are good, they respond quickly and overall I am satisfied.

  42. Om

    nice reasonable cost

  43. MD faizan

    Nice product and easy to operate.Camera vision quality is good

  44. Lydia

    Good clarity, easy to setup. So far it’s been great

  45. Pravin

    I bought this product but i didn’ t knew it works with wifi and i dont have wifi connection in my home.Can i replace it with other camera which dont require wifi connection and is there any such camera.

  46. Swarup Chakraborty

    I just received the camera, the pakaging was good and secured enough.
    After opening the box I called D3D customer care for installation suport, got prompt response form Mr.Ashwin, he politely guided me through the installation process, I am very satisfied with his help. Thanks.

    Coming to the Camera…

    1. The pictures quality is nice in daylight, I closed the doors windows of my room to check night vision, it is okay, but, I need to see it tonight.
    2.Build quality is very good,

    2.Look wise it is also very compact, I chose the black version , as black can mingle with the surroundings easily.

    3.I bought it at INR 2480, at this price it is a decent deal I think.

    4. Motion detection is good , but, it even detects slightly moving curtains also.



  48. Parijat

    Easy to install. Good customer support. Today being the 1st day of the usage, I can write only this much. So far so good.

  49. Vinay

    Motion detection is very slow

  50. Amazon Customer

    This product is very good for home security .. I really like it…….. Nice 10 out of 10 from you side

  51. Nikki Singh

    Easy installation. It’s working really good till now.

  52. shashi kumar

    Nice product

  53. Nismah

    I have many brands IP camera’s ( Samsung ,Megapixel outdoor camera, Tapo , Foscam etc). D3D quality video reception is good in its price range cameras available in the market. I would recommend this camera for its build , quality and wide angle.

  54. Amazon Customer

    Quality of product is good.


    Good one

  56. Deepak

    Beautiful product. Very clear image, equally good motion sensor.

  57. Hari Sunora

    *Proud to purchase an Indian product which provide good customer support and 2 years warranty.
    *The installation of the product was super-easy.
    *It is very helpful for my brother to watch our home and keep an eye on our elder parents from abroad.
    *night vision in this camera is really good up to 30 metres it is very clear.
    *The voice clarity is little bit low sometimes, but I think it may be because of network issue or something.
    *The tilt and zoom options are also good.
    *Now three of us are connected to this camera at the same time and no problem in working.

  58. Rahul anand


  59. Amazon Customer

    Delivered in time in good condition.easy to picture quality is very good.night mode also very good

  60. Vishal Narkhede

    Best quality at good price

  61. Patel vimal

    Ok good ????

  62. Sriram Gv

    As mentioned in the description it works great. Good in night vision, sound detection, motion sensor, etc. Cloud storage has to be purchased for each camera. Single cloud storage buy cannot be used for multiple cameras. That seems to be a little pain point. Rest are fine.

  63. M

    This is good for home and office cabin use.

  64. Sharad Nene

    Night vision and motion detection is really sensitive. The product is good. I will buy more for my farm house.


    Good support from d3d team

  66. Rajesh sharma

    Good quality

  67. Amazon Customer

    Everything is fine ,nice product,night vision and clarity is fine, motion detection perpefect,best product in this category.

  68. rajiv kumar sethia


  69. Ashish Karanjekar

    Only provision require for external speaker.

  70. Gaurav S.

    Good. Not recording continuously on cloud

  71. Ramesh Kumar

    Nice product.

  72. P P


  73. Ashiq Chelembra

    This is a Perfect device those who searching for IP CCTV …

  74. sharad

    Good pic quality

  75. Prashant

    This is my first ever purchase of any security camera.
    I’m very satisfied with it in terms of Amazon quick delivery (within 18 hrs), easy installation (you can do yourself), and superb performance both in daylight and night. Night vision is so clear that everything is visible upto 30ft in complete dark. Motion detection is too sensitive though you can change it through settings in app installed on your mobile. Only missing thing I found in its app is to playback the recording higher speed 2x, 4x or 16x… I hope company could provide it in future with software update. This product works perfectly fine if you’ve broadband connection (I realised only 1 second lag with 50mbps broadband connection on accessing real time footage)

    Now most important thing for any electronic product is it’s technical support and in that regards d3d is outperforming. Only I was needed to give a missed call on a number given along with its pack, everything is taken care by support team. I got call back from Meghna, and she guided me through warranty registration process very politely. She was able to respond my every query after product registration very efficiently and ensured me to have a call or message for any technical issue or challenge comes in future while using this product.

    I’m reviewing it after 3days of extensive use of this product model F1-362B, will update after longer use.

  76. Bhagwan das m rathor

    Install done

  77. pratheesh

    Good support and it’s working very good

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