What is Wireless Security Camera?

Using D3D wifi CCTV Camera you can monitor live view of your home / shop directly on your mobile phone. Now where ever you are in the word, always keep an eye on things that matter most.

With smart AI function, D3D wireless cctv camera detect any person movement and send alerts on user mobile phone. CCTV wifi camera that also works as burglar alarm system.

With inbuilt mic and speaker talk with your family members direct from D3D wifi camera. Monitor kids when alone at home, or simply ask them to switch off TV and do homework.

Equipped with advanced human face detection technology, D3D Home security camera can detect human face and send alert on mobile application. No more false alarm when your pet is moving around home.

Control your home security camera with your voice. Simply attach the camera with Alexa show devise and control all camera functions. Ask Alexa to show kids room or switch off camera.

Unlike traditional CCTV cameras, there is no need of doing messy wiring in home to install D3D wifi cc camera. Easy to install DIY home installation. Simply attach D3D camera with power and wirelessly connect with your home internet. 


Save all images or videos direct in SD card or for additional security subscribe for cloud storage. You can access recorded videos direct from your mobile or desktop application. Cloud storage helps to keep recording safe, even if camera is stolen or broken.

With IP65 water resistance rating, D3D wireless cctv camera work perfect for India weather conditions. With inbuilt IR LEDs, monitor home in clear HD quality even in dark nights.