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What are the best outdoor wireless video cameras?

How to choose the best outdoor wireless video cameras?

CCTV cameras are the most important part of any security system as it enables us to see the location from far and track any unauthorised movement. Earlier, these used to be connected with cables. In fact, in most of the security systems these CCTV cameras had to be connected separately. However, with advancement in technology, Wireless CCTV Camera has almost replaced the place of the wired CCTV camera. The wireless ones have various advantages that can help you have the track of your house or office even when you are on a vacation or a holiday.

To understand better lets check out how outdoor security cameras are different from indoor cameras and what all options do we have when it comes to outdoor cameras.

Outdoor or Indoor Security Cameras?

D3D Indoor or outdoor home security Camera

The type of security camera you require depends on the area(s) of your space that you are planning to protect. If you are required to monitor a room in your home or your office then an indoor camera will have the best features that you need. Most indoor cameras feature HD video, have a two-way communication system, and night vision. The two-way communication helps you in using the indoor camera to not only monitor for suspicious activities but also to check-in your loved ones, like children or an elderly family member.

Similarly, when you desire to monitor the exterior of your home, garrage, or even the lawn to keep an eye on your pet, an Outdoor CCTV Camera is the most suited security camera that features HD video and have weatherproof qualities. Some outdoor cameras also come with deterrence features that have been specially designed to alert you and ward off unwelcome guests as well. These indications mostly use an automated light or a siren.

Features that outdoor cameras should have:-

Waterproof Casing

High-definition (HD) video quality

Night Vision

Wireless control

Mobile Control and Cloud Storage

Activity notifications


Waterproof Casing
Waterproof D3D Home Security IP Camera

Waterproof casing is important for outdoor CCTV cameras as they are exposed to various weather conditions. They must be able to sustain the temperature fluctuations and most importantly rains. Thus the waterproof casing helps in protecting the inner electronics while do not affecting their over all performance.


High-definition (HD) video quality

The rule of the thumb is, higher the camera resolution, the sharper the images are. Ideally, you should have a 1080p or higher resolution. This helps you keep track of even the minute details.


Night Vision
D3D Home Security Camera With Night Vision

Clear night vision is one of the most essential features that a outdoor security camera should have. To get the best and brightest night view, a camera is required to have infrared (IR) technology that sends bright light through wavelengths.


Wireless controlCameras with remote-controlled features like pan, tilt, or zoom are best for providing coverage to a wide area while simultaneously allowing the user to have the best viewing angle possible without being compelled to physically re-position the camera. There is no doubt in the fact that using a 360 degree wireless CCTV camera is not only easy but convenient too


Mobile Control and Cloud StorageIP CCTV Camera for outdoors are able to live stream a feed through internet Wi-Fi directly to your mobile device or laptop. If you want to check in during the day then you can simply turn the application on from any part of the world or you can store the data for extended periods on a cloud based storage system.


Activity notifications
D3D Home Security IP Camera Motion detection

Activity notifications are meant to alert the user whenever any significant activity is detected within the range of the camera. You get notifications via push notifications, text messages, phone calls and or email. These notifications keep you abreast of any happening real-time within the range of the camera.

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