What are the benefits of home security cameras?

One of the main advantage of recent development in technology is that home security solutions are made very easy and affordable. With WiFi Home Security CCTV Cameras, you can monitor home direct on mobile phone. Wireless CCTV camera are easy to install without need of any professional installation service. Wireless CCTV cameras are most commonly called as WiFi CCTV camera or IP CCTV cameras.

Main features and benefits of wifi home security cameras

Easy Installation

Remote Monitor

SD Card Recording


2-Way Audio

Security Alarm Function

Multi Users Access


Home Security Cameras

As name suggest, WiFi camera are configured using the wifi internet connection via home inter modem. There is no need to attach cameras with internet switch using the network cable. With wireless wifi configuration, user simply need to install the mobile app and configure camera inside the application. Some wifi cctv cameras also have the network port, in case user want to connect camera using the cable.


Remote Monitor
mobile view from camera

Using the mobile application, user can watch the live video from camera direct on mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Want to check what kids are doing or is car is safely parked? Simply open the mobile application and watch live view from home security camera.


SD Card Recording
home security camera with SD card

Insert a SD card into the camera to record live videos. User can access recorded videos from SD card using the mobile app or computer application. The number of days SD card can record depends on the size of SD card


NotificationsMost wifi cameras have inbuilt motion sensors, which sends notifications on user mobile application whenever human motion id detected. So you will get notification when maid arrive at home.


2-Way AudioWith inbuilt mic and speaker user can do live chat with friends and family. Now you can keep an eye on kids while they are playing and speak from camera and stop them to touch electric switch or jump from table.


Security Alarm FunctionSome camera also support to attach additional RF sensors i.e. fire, gas, door sensors etc. Using the RF sensors the home security camera also work as a security system. The camera can send alrts on user mobile application if any smoke is detected in home.


Multi Users AccessPrimary user can also share the camera access with friends and family members. So if you are going away on holidays, you can give camera access to your parents and they can also keep an eye at home.

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