D3D Smart Life WiFi GSM Door Sensor for Home Shop Office Model: ZX-G12 (Door Sensor) | HSN:- 85319000

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  • Model Name/No: ZX-G12 Door Sensor
  • It is compatible with D3D Security Alarm System model-ZX-G12
  • Easy wireless installation.
  • Trigger alarm once door/window is opened and send notification on user mobile app_Smart Life
  • Indoor use. Battery operated 4.5V. Include all batteries & mounting bracket. 6 Month Seller Warranty
  • NOTE: This sensor does not work separately. Only work with compatible D3D Security Alarm System.

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D3D Wireless Door Sensor for Home Security

G12 window/ door sensor with advanced technology, whenever anyone tries to open the window , the door/Window sensor will send an alert on the mobile application and give notification to main unit to create alarm.

Wireless sensor

Wireless Door Sensor

D3D sensor detect any unauthorized entry from window and send signals to D3D security alarm system panel. D3D Security alarm system then send alerts on mobile app or call to pre-defined mobile numbers. Compatible with . D3D Alarm System Model: ZX-G12.
Also compatible with other brand security system which support 433 MHZ frequency sensors.
Note: Please check your alarm system compatibility before buying the sensor. This sensor only work with compatible alarm systems.

PIR Motion detection sensor

Stay Alert On The Go

D3D sensor keep sending alert even when you are miles away through GSM or In-App Notification. Stay connected and keep informed every movement.

PIR Motion detection sensor

Easy To Fix

D3D sensor is easy to mount and fix on window. All it will take 5 minute to fix and install with main unit on Radio Frequency. Your security is our priority .

PIR Motion detection sensor

One Click Arm-DisArm

Instant Arm-Disarm simply by calling or by a simple SMS or by pressing in app button. User friendly features to protect your home when you are away from it.

PIR Motion detection sensor

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*The ZX-G12 Door/window sensor adopt power-saving technology. When the battery power capacity less than 40% percent, the Low voltage LED indicator will flash to alert the owner. Used For:
Any other two part entry i.e. sliding door, patio door etc.
Drawer or safes G12 Door sensor keep sending alert
It is easy to mount and fix on door or window
Instant Arm-Disarm simply by calling or by a simple SMS or by pressing in app button.
give notification to main unit to create alarm.

Packing List

Standard Package Including: 

  • *1 ZX-G12 Door/Window sensor
  • *2 AAA battery
  • *Mounting Tape


16 reviews for D3D Smart Life WiFi GSM Door Sensor for Home Shop Office Model: ZX-G12 (Door Sensor) | HSN:- 85319000

  1. Bhumi

    i am very happy with this product and deal i got from the company i wanted a good door sensor and the site recommended one that

  2. Guru

    install very easily and very attentive response.

  3. Jammy

    connect easily with your existing device very easily.

  4. Akash Dev

    This is the best sensor one can buy. I have installed it in the kitchen it works flawlessly. detects motion perfectly.

  5. Bhulla

    working good till now lets hope in future facing no issue.

  6. Kashyap

    Nice and compact product with really good motion detection.

  7. Chitti Babu

    great experience with D3D i found the Door sensor i was looking for on their website

  8. Sudarshan

    I Love this product

  9. Ahana

    nice product

  10. Rashmi

    the support i received was through and timely my issue was connected with a single interaction

  11. vansh singh

    Great service Great Work dealing with this product

  12. Arun Deshwal

    Really prompt and active response from this sensor.

  13. Venketeshwar

    Backup battery really good, Its really helpful to secure your home.

  14. Johanna

    alarm system and its sensors really impressive build quality.

  15. ShyamRai

    In this Price worth of every Penny.

  16. Radheshyam Tiwari

    Easy to install and very efficient at this price.

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