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How Does Security Alarm For Shop work?

Are you looking a good security alarm system for shop? First you need to understand what is an alarm system and how can it protect your shop from thieves


What is a Security Alarm system?

This is a system that detects any intrusion, such as unauthorized entry, into your house, shop, office, or any other property.

It notifies the user, guards, or appropriate authorities whenever there is an emergency. Security alarm system mainly work as a virtual security guard for home or office, where it can detect any unauthorized entry in the protected area and can send alert to user mobile phone or designated security agency.

Most security alarm system contains two major components

  • Control Panel: This is the central control unit which communicates with all connected sensors and also send alert/notification to user mobile phone
  • Sensors: Sensor detect the actual movement or unauthorized entry and then send signal to control pane.


 Why do you need a security alarm for shop?

Security is non-negotiable for every commercial establishment because you would never even imagine losing your assets or harming your employees. More than 50 Lac theft cases are reported in India in 2020. Like Security CCTV cameras, having a good security system is also important for shop

Is your shop well-protected?

Can you stay alert 24/7 to keep an eye on?

Can you keep a personal security guard to protect your shop 24×7?

Answer to most questions is NO.


This makes having a Security Alarm for Shop installed in your shop very important. By having an effective Security System, you do not have to worry about an external or internal burglary in your shop just in case you’re outside its premises. It also promotes a safe environment for all the employees.


Use of different types of sensors:


There are five major sensors used in security systems that you should know about before picking the right one for your shop.


  1. PIR Motion detection sensor

PIR Motion detection sensor

As the name suggest, PIR motion detection sensors can detect any person movement in the protected area, which can activate the alarm system. PIR sensors work with passive infra-red technology that is not visible by human eye. Infrared radiation is used to detect motion and send signal to control unit, which then send alert notification to user. So every night while closing the shop, you can activate those sensors and if any movement is detected in your shop, then alarm system will be activated


  1. Door/Window sensor

Door and window sensor are used to protect entry from any door or window. These sensor work with magnetic functionality and send signals to control unit using the RF signals. These sensors are installed on window or any other entry like door etc. When the sensors are active and the window is opened, the security system gets activated and send signal to user mobile phone. So you can be assured that entry to your shop is protected with window sensors.


  1. Microwave Sensors

They emit and receive a signal to detect an object in motion. They are more durable than IR sensors and much more sensitive than IR sensors due to which a minor accidental movement can trigger them. Unlike IR sensors, they can even sense motion through non-metals like wood and plastic.


  1. Tomographic Motion Detection Sensor

Unlike the other security sensors, these sensors do not require a direct line of sight to trigger a security warning. They utilize a mesh network of radio emitters and receivers for detecting any motion. It is an effective technology for high-security commercial spaces and large shops.



  1. Shutter Sensor

shutter sensor

As the name suggest, shutter sensors are mainly installed on the outside shutter of shop. Shutter sensors mainly contains 2 magnetic parts which are installed on each panel of the shop shutter. Whenever some try to open the shutter, these sensors get activated and then send alert to control unit. Shutter sensors are very helpful to protect any unwanted entry from main shutter.


Cost of security alarm systems:

The cost of a security alarm system and its installation varies according to the durability of its hardware, quality, type of sensors, alarm monitoring, etc. In India, you can get the security system installed in your shop within the range of Rupees 2000 to 18000.


How to choose the right security alarm for shop?

A very pertinent question that needs to be answered simplistically. There are multiple factors to consider when choosing the right security alarm system for your shop. The best security system is one having a control panel, motion detectors, door/window sensors, detectors, security cameras with great clarity, smoke detectors, leak sensors, temperature sensors, panic/emergency buttons. You also have to make sure you strike the balance between affordability, durability, and quality.


Types of security alarm systems

Here we tell you about various types of security alarm systems available that will help you choose the right one for your shop.


  1. Electric Current Alarm System

This is the most basic type of monitoring system that monitors only specific monitor entry points like the main entrance, exit, and windows. This is installed when a home is being built. They function when a low-voltage electrical current flows between two points. If doors or windows are shut, the current flows smoothly. But, if they are opened, the flow of current is disrupted, and an audible beep is triggered.


  1. Wired Alarm System

It relies on your shop’s landline phone connection to transmit signals to a monitoring center. It provides a basic monitoring service but there can be a threat of onsite wire damage leading to an ineffective system, rendering it useless.


  1. Wireless Alarm System

In wireless alarm system, sensors are connected to control unit using radio frequency.

Once your alarm system is triggered, a signal is transmitted to the control panel and the alarm gets activated. Wireless systems allow remote system management through your mobile and integrate with other smart functionalities like lights, video surveillance, and thermostats.


  1. Un-monitored Alarm System

Popularly known as “local” alarms, they rely on you, your security guards or other concerned authorities in your shop to alert you about the emergency. They are the least expensive option compared to monitored systems. However, they do not provide the same level of security and convenience. Even if the alarm sends an alert directly to your phone, you may not be able to respond in time if you have poor cell reception.


  1. Monitored Alarm System

A monitored alarm system helps you ensure that authorities are notified immediately in case of a break. The alarm triggers by opening an entryway, blocking the exit, movement in the shop via motion sensors, or a loud sound via auditory sensors.

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