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What is Home Security Alarm System?

As technology is getting advanced, it is turning lives comfortable and safer. One of the most significant impact it brought in our day to day lives is advancement in security system particularly the home security by bringing high-quality equipment within a budget friendly price range. With Wireless GSM & Wifi Home Security Burglar Alarm System, you can depend on a highly advanced technology for the safety of your loved ones and property and monitor the developments right on your mobile phone. These systems are easy to install and do not require the need of any professional installation service.

How does Home Security System work?

The system is embedded with various sensors that can detect even the slightest movement and report it to registered users by the means of alarms. The system uses wireless technology and includes Wi-Fi sensors that can be configured using a Wi-Fi internet connection available at your home or office. The users are not required to connect sensors with network cable hence installation becomes handy. All it requires is installing the mobile app and configuration of sensors with the application. Inbuilt Home Automation function enables you to control lights and various electric appliances from any part of the world. This enables you to turn lights on in case any intruder tries to trespass your home or office area.

The module also contains an inbuilt rechargeable high power lithium Li-On battery system that protects the system from failing even in times of power-cuts or MCB trips. This ensures that in case any intruder tries trespassing into your property gets detected by the sensors.

Components of Home Security Alarm System Package

Control Unit

Door Sensor

Indoor PIR Sensor

Wireless Doorbell

Smart Switch


Power Adapter


IControl UnitControl unit is the central component of any security system. All sensors sends signal to the control unit and then control unit sends notifications to the user mobile phone via SMS or mobile app notifications or activate the siren. Based on type, sensor are connected to control unit vis wire or wireless connection. There are 2 types of communication methods using which control unit send notifications to user

  • GSM Control unit: Control unit send SMS alerts to user mobile phone via the GSM sim card.
  • WiFi Control Unit: Control unit send alerts on user mobile phone using the wifi.



PIR SensorPIR motion sensor detect the motion in protected area using passive infra-red rays. In case of any kind of motion is detected by the PIR sensor, the security system activates the siren and send alert to all registered numbers and application. It is a two-way protection system as on one hand it alerts the nearby individuals by activating the alarm and on the other hand, it informs the registered users at any part of the world.


Door SensorWireless door sensor protects unwanted entry from door or window. If anyone try to trespass into your property through window or door, the security system activates the siren and send alert to all registered numbers and application. Thus the users can be assured that their home or office is safe even in their absence.

All sensors included in the system are wireless and can be connected easily. Sirens or alarms can be connected with the main unit and your property would have the best security system that shields any kind of intrusion.


Wireless DoorbellWhen visitor press the doorbell, D3d control unit make ring sound and also send notification on user mobile phone. So you will always know when ever any visitor press the doorbell.


Smart SwitchUsing the smart switch, user can connect any electric device i.e. fan, light etc with smart switch and can control the device from security system mobile app.


RemoteLock/Unlock security system using the remote control. So when go out, simply activate the security alarm system using remote and de-activate before entering back into home.


Power AdaptorPower adaptors are used to provide required main power supply to the control unit. Most of latest security alarm system also have the inbuilt re-chargeable battery. So if the power goes out or someone cut the power, system will still work using the inbuilt battery.


How does security alarm system work?


Using the mobile application, user can get the notifications whenever sensors detect any movement. An alarm is activated on connected mobile phones and calls/ SMS are sent to all registered numbers. The multi zone setting helps the users to have different settings based on various locations within the space and control various components sensor behaviour.

Where it could be installed?

The entire system is light weight and handy. This enables the users to install it at any kind of enclosed area, irrespective of whether it is a residential or a commercial office space. Since the system is accessible through online mobile application and through calls and SMS, all it requires is a connection that can be utilised to send signals that can be received by the user in any part of the world.

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