Vimtag Wireless RF Connector

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  • Connect Vimtag Sensors like Door sensor, SOS Sensor etc. through Vimtag RF Connector.
  • Compatible with CP2, CP3 & F2 models of Vimtag cameras.
  • Easy setup. Simply connect with Vimtag camera.
  • Apply to door & window, medicine-chest, drawer, file cabinet, safety box, etc.
  • It has In-built LED Indicator with Low Battery Dissipation

VIMTAG RF plug is a simple & small device than can be directly attach with camera & enable to connect any type of VIMTAG RF sensors to connect & configure with most of VIMTAG security cameras.

Using VIMTAG RF Plug It is easy to convert your IP camera into a hi-tech security alarm system. Compatible with Gas Sensor/Fire Sensor/Door Sensor or SOS button. Designed for all round security like, home monitoring, pet monitoring, business monitoring and baby monitoring.

1. Compatible with all VIMTAG RF Sensors: Can be used to attach any RF sensor i.e. door, window, fire & gas sensor.
2. Easy Installation: Simply insert RF plug into camera power port and it is ready to use.
3. No separate power needed: As RF Plug directly connect between camera and power port, there is no need to supply external power to RF plug.



Package Include

  • 1x New VIMTAG SOS sensor.

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