Wireless Outdoor Siren for D3D Alarm System-D10

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EAN 680266843339
  • Model Name/NO: D10_OS
  • D3D Wireless Siren produce 110db loud sound and flashing light whenever the D3D Home Security system is triggered.
  • Outdoor & Waterproof design.
  • Compatible with all packages of D3D Wireless Home Security Alarm System Model:D10
  • Wireless connection with Home Security System. Main powered.
  • Built in Re-chargeable battery. Siren will work even if the power is cut-off.

D3D D10 Siren is a battery backup Loud siren with flashing lights. Compatible with D3D Home Security System Model D10, the siren produce loud sound with flashing lights whenever the alarm is triggered. In-built Lithium-Lion rechargeable battery keeps siren working for upto 10hrs even if the power is Cut off.

Micro-computer intelligent control, prevent mis-alarm & missing alarm
With sound and light alarm
Compatible with the Wireless Alarm Host
With an accumulator as backup battery, keeps reliable working around the clock
AC/DC available
Operating Power: 100~240VAC
Backup Battery: Accumulator 6V,1.2AH
Alarm volume: =110dB
Product dimension:202×112×70(mm)

Standard Package Including:

*1 D10 Wireless Siren 110DB

*Mounting screws