D3D Re-Newed Alexa Support 2MP WiFi Home Security Camera with Cloud Storage | HSN:- 85258090


D3D CC Camera wireless Model Name/No: Re-Newed_F1-362B

  • CAMERA ISSUE: D3D F1-362B cc camera wireless Renew Product has a Camera Issue, It only works when connected to internet modem using LAN Cable. This Product will not work with Wi-Fi Support or Wi-Fi Connection. But using LAN Connectivity this product will work normally and can be access from anywhere in this World.
  • Ultra HD High-Resolution : D3D F1 362B comes with Full HD High-Resolution (2.0MP. 1080P). In-Built Infrared Lights provide High-Resolution Clear Night Vision even in Dark.
  • Smart Motion Detection & Sensors : Motion Sensor detects infrared energy given off by the human-being or by the animals. When motion sensor detects any unusual activity it will automatically send alerts to your mobile/device whenever any motion is detected with In-Built SOS Siren to alert family members.
  • Alexa Support : F1362B support Alexa Echo Show, Control D3D F1362B IP Camera features with your Voice Commands like ( Alexa Home Live View ), ( Turn Left/Right Directions ), ( Alexa Motion Detection Alerts/Notifications ).

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D3D Wireless F1362B Smart IP cc camera wireless

F1362B Smart PTZ IP cc camera wireless is very easy to install with simple plug and play installation. F1362B comes with In-Built Alexa Support, Smart Home Automation Motion Detection Sensors, High-Resolution Infrared 1080P, Cloud Recording, 360* Degree Horizontal View, Smart Automation Tracking.

wireless CCTV Camera
camera Features
Alexa supported camera

Work With Alexa

Alexa Support D3D F1362B Wireless IP Camera is a revolutionary product that allows you to keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world. Using the free Alexa app, you can view live footage of your property or playback footage from the past 24 hours.

F1362C is perfect for anyone who wants peace of mind while they’re away from home. Whether you’re on vacation or just out running errands, you can relax knowing that you can check in on your property at any time. Alexa F1362C is also great for businesses, as it allows you to keep an eye on your property even when you’re not there.

face detection camera

Smart AI Face Dectection

D3D F1362B Smart AI benefits from using artificial intelligence wireless IP cameras for security. With the help of AI, F1362B camera can distinguish between people and objects, which helps to improve the accuracy of identifying and tracking targets.

Additionally, An AI-enabled F1362B camera can also identify facial features and track individuals even when they are not in the camera’s view. This is especially useful for crowded areas where it is difficult to get a clear view of all individuals.

smart auto tracking camera

Smart Auto Tracking

IP Smart Tracking technology has come a long way in the past few years. IP-based F1362B Smart Tracking Camera have made it possible to not only keep an eye on what’s happening in your business but to also track specific activity and generate reports on it.

D3D F1362B Smart IP Cameras can be programmed to track things such as the number of people who enter and exit a certain area, how long they stay, what direction they come and go in, and more. This information can be extremely valuable for businesses looking to improve security, optimize their layout, or understand customer behaviour.

sound detection camera

Sound Dectection

D3D Sound detection F1362B CCTV camera is one of the latest innovations in the security camera industry. These cameras are designed to detect and record any loud sound or noise that occurs in their vicinity. This can be a very useful feature for businesses and homeowners who want extra security and peace of mind.

Sound detection F1362B IP Camera can be used to detect intruders, provide security for events or gatherings, and monitor any areas where there is a potential for loud noise (such as factories or construction sites).

cystal clear camera

Crystal Clear Footage

D3D F1362B HD CCTV camera is the latest and most advanced security camera on the market. It offers superior image quality and resolution, making it easier to identify people and objects in recordings.

F1362B camera is also more durable and weatherproof than traditional security cameras, making them a better choice for outdoor use. It can also be used in low-light conditions, providing better visibility in dark environments.

smart camera

Smart H.264 Video

H. 264 is created to provide a high-resolution video format with lower bandwidth requirements and lower latency than traditional video standards. H. 264 uses a very efficient codec that provides high-quality images and uses a minimal amount of bandwidth.

universal camera

Universal Compatibility

When looking for a CC camera wireless system, it is important to consider the universal compatibility of the equipment. This is especially important when it comes to cameras, as they need to be able to work with a variety of recording devices. Many CCTV camera systems are not universally compatible and will require proprietary recording devices, which can be costly and difficult to find.

D3D F1362B CCTV security system that is universally compatible, on the other hand, will work with a variety of recording devices, making it easier to set up and more cost-effective in the long run.

two way audio camera

Two way Audio

Two-way audio communication F1362B IP Camera is a CC camera Wireless with a built-in microphone and speaker that enable two-way audio communication. It is perfect for monitoring children, the elderly, or anyone who needs assistance, as you can speak to them directly through the camera. D3D F1362B Two-way audio communication camera is also great for home security, as you can communicate

with people at your door or deter intruders.

motion detection camera

Motion Detection

A Motion Detection IP camera monitors a particular area. The footage is recorded and can be used as evidence in the event of a crime.

F1362B Motion Detection CCTV IP Camera is a type of CCTV camera that can detect movement in a particular area and record footage of the activity. This is a useful feature, as it means that the camera will only record footage when there is an activity in the area, which saves disk space on the recorder.

night vision camera

Night Vision

CCTV cameras are a ubiquitous sight in public places, but what if you could record what’s happening outside your house at night, without the need for any external lighting? This is where D3D F1362B infrared night vision IP camera comes in.

F1362B Infrared night vision camera uses special technology to see in the dark. They work by capturing the infrared radiation that is given off by objects in the environment. This radiation is invisible to the human eye, but the camera can see it and use it to create an image.

Infrared night vision CCTV cameras are perfect for use in security systems.

panoramic view camera

360 Panoramic View

D3D F1362B wireless panoramic view CCTV IP camera is a camera that can take in a very wide angle of view. This can be useful for security purposes, as it can capture a wider area than a standard security camera.

Panoramic view CCTV cameras are also becoming increasingly popular for use in marketing and advertising, as they can be used to create videos that show a wide view of a room or area.

cc camera wireless

Multi User View

Smart Wireless F1362B IP Camera Multiple User View CCTV wireless camera is a type of surveillance camera that allows multiple users to view the live feed from a single camera simultaneously. By splitting the video live feed into multiple windows, which can be displayed on different screens or devices anywhere in the World.

data protection camera

Data Protection

CCTV cameras are playing a very important role in our lives for security reasons. There are many companies install CCTV cameras in their office and home to protect their staff and family. But we should concern about the data protection of CCTV cameras. The data such as images and videos can be accessed by hackers easily.

Since CCTV footage is often used to store sensitive information, it is important to take steps to protect that data. One way to do this is by encrypting the footage. This will help to ensure that the data is safe from prying eyes, even if it is stolen or compromised.

Easy DIY Camera

Easy Installation

D3D CC camera Wireless Smart IP Cameras comes with Simple Easy Wireless Installation with Just Plug and Play via Power Connectivity, The device is ready to use and operate the device online using mobile application from anywhere in the World.

Additional information


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  • *Advanced Smart PTZ Cloud Camera with Artificial Intelligence.
  • *Work with Alexa Echo Show. Give voice commands to control your PTZ IP Camera easily for perfect home security.
  • *Face Detection, Voice Detection and Smart Tracking.
  • *Complete wireless CC camera Wireless system for easy home installation.
  • *Hybrid Home Security Alarm function to add extra sensors i.e. door sensor, fire sensor etc.
  • *Easy to setup and operate wireless cctv camera. No need of installation services.
  • *iOS / Android app for remote mobile monitoring. PC application for large screen view.
  • *Support up to 128 GB SD card. F1362B IP Camera also support cloud recording to save on the FTP Cloud server.
  • *High-Resolution Infrared 1080P vision.
  • *Support infrared night vision, real-time video, automatic covering and view video playback at any time.
  • *Real-time two-way audio communication.
  • *Support multiple users live view recording at same time.


Technical Specification
Model No. F1362B
Chipset GM8136S +SC2135
Resolution 2.0MP(1920×1080)
Sensor Type 1/2.7″Progressive Scan CMOS
Pan & tilt: Horizontal350°, vertical 105°
Lens LK18 1/2.7″ HD lens,f=3.6mm,F=2.1
Field of vision Horizontal 86°/Vertical 48°
Aperture Fixed
Sensitivity 3.8V/lux-sec
Day& Night switching Infrared dual-filter automatically switches
Video Code H.264 Dual stream
Frame rate 25 fps(Day)/12 fps(Night)
Audio Compression AAC/G.711, Two-way voice intercom
Frequency Range 2.4GHz~2.4835GHz
WIFI Standard IEEE8.02.11b/g/n
Customer Interface
Ethernet 10/100Mbps RJ-45 interface
Power interface Micro USB
Local Storage 1 TF(Micro SD) storage interface, up to 128GB
Status indicator 1pcs Two-color LED
Speaker 8Ω 0.5W
Reset One key reset
IR LEDs Light sensitive sensor+11pcs LEDs
Power Supply DC5V, <2A
Power consumption <5W
Working conditions -10℃~+50℃@humidity10%~ 95% no condensation
Storage conditions -40℃~+75℃@humidity10%~ 95% no condensation
Product Size Φ93*114.5mm
Net Weight 350g
Packing Specification /Power plug / Data line/ Certificate
Mobile APP App Name: MIPC(Real-time monitoring/ alarm push/ store view/ remote access function)

Support IOS/Android

Support to use mobile phone to view real-time video and playback video

Support to use mobile phone to local record and screenshot

Support to APP notification push

Support two-way voice


Standard Package Including:

1x New D3D F1362B 2MP IP Camera- Black
1x 1.5M High Quality India Power Supply (Output: 5V 2A)
1x Wall Mount Bracket
1x Pack of Screws
1x Detailed User Manual

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Q1-Why this product is listed as Renewed Deal?

The product only work when connected to internet modem using a LAN cable. This product can’t be connected / configured using the Wi-Fi connection. After connected with LAN cable, the camera work normally and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Q2-How to Install D3D home security camera?

For quick & easy installation of D3D CC camera Wireless, please follow the steps shown in the installation video. In summary:

  • Search & install mobile app MIPC
  • Add wifi cctv camera into mobile app & enter your wifi password
  • Follow on screen instructions

Q3-What is smart Ai function?

Smart AI means Artificial Intelligence applied using the code & logics. D3D is the first company to apply AI in the home security cameras. USing AI function, D3D wifi cctv cameras can detect Face, Voice & Automatic rotation.

Q4-How does Face Detection work?

Using the smart AI Face Detection function, D3D camera will send automatic alerts on user’s mobile application whenever human face is detected

Q5-How does D3D cctv cameras work with Alexa?

Using the Alexa show device, user can give voice command to wifi camera i.e. ask alexa to show front door OR ask to rotate the camera

Q6-What is Smart AI Auto Rotation?

Using Smart AI Auto Rotate function, D3D home security camera can detect any movine person and automatically keep rotating the camera according to person movement

Q7-How does sound detection work?

D3D home security camera will detect any sound and send the alert on user mobile phone i.e. if the baby cry at night, wireless cctv camera in baby room will send alert to parent mobile phone in another room.

Q8-How does camera detect the human motion?

With inbuilt PIR sensor, cctv camera detect the human motion and send alert on user mobile application

Q9-How to reset home security camera password?

To reset password, Just power on D3D camera and then press reset button at back of camera for 5 sec. After successful reset, camera will make reset sound.

Q10-How does D3D home security camera save live videos?

D3D wifi cctv Camera can save live videos in SD card, Cloud server or in D3D Vimtag network drive. Camera support upto 128 GB micro SD card or D3D Vimtag network drive with upto 4TB hard disk. For Cloud storage user can buy the required package online.

Q11-Is it possible to mount camera on ceiling or wall?

Yes, D3D security camera is provided with mounting bracket & all required screws to fix camera on wall or ceiling. User can also flip the live view or rotate camera in 360 direct from mobile app

Q12-Is it possible to mirror live view on TV screen?

Camera can be accessed on mobile phone or PC using its application. User can easily output the camera live video from PC to TV using the HDMI or any other compatible wifi method supported by TV

Q13-What is RF sensor function?

Using this unique function, user can attach additional RF sensors with camera i.e. motion sensor, door/window sensor, fire sensor. By adding RF sensor D3D IP cctv camera can work as a security alarm system & send alerts on user mobile app if any motion is detected in any room or any window or door is opened.

Q14-Can I connect D3D home security camera using the jio dongle or using mobile phone hotspot?

D3D home security camera can be connected using any wifi dongle or mobile phone hotspot.

Q15-Does it need any paid service to see live view from the app?

No,there is no extra charges to see live view from D3D wifi home security camera. Just download the mobile app and access D3D camera from anywhere in the world. user can watch live video on multiple devices i.e. phone, tab or laptop

Q16-How to download the recorded video from D3D wifi cctv camera?

In mobile app, click on the recording button and download the video from SD card

Q17-What is the frequency of WiFi signal for D3D wifi IP camera?

This camera will work at 2.4Ghz Frequency.

Q18-Does this home security camera have any inbuilt siren?

Yes, D3D home security wifi camera have inbuilt siren that can be triggered when any motion is detected.

Q19-Can the user listen sound from camera?

Yes the camera have inbuilt mic & speaker. User can listen & talk between camera & mobile app. User do live video chat with their family using the D3D camera from anywhere in the world. No need of seprate computer or laptop


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