Installation / Support / Warranty FAQs

Does it need a professional mechanic to install D3D security cameras or alarm system?

All D3D products are designed & manufactured for easy DIY installation. There is no need to hire any mechanic to install & use D3D cameras or alarm system. It takes less than 5 minutes to install & start using D3D products. Simply attach the camera or alarm system with power plug and follow the onscreen installation steps in mobile app.

If we still need help with installation, how does D3D support team help us?

D3D Security has India based customer support centre working from Mon- Sat (9am-6pm) & help customer in most regional languages. D3D has a skilled team of executives to help customer on phone/Email/Live Chat/WhatsApp.

Are there any installation videos available?

Step by step installation & demo videos for each product are available on D3D website for each product. Simply watch the video & follow the steps. There are videos available to configure all features & functions of D3D cameras, so that you enjoy the home security without any hassle.

How much warranty is provided?

For complete peace of mind, all D3D products are provided with 1-2 Years warranty. Please look at product page for warranty duration.

Q5-Do I need any technical knowledge to install & use D3D cameras & security system?

All D3D products are extremely simple to install & use. Anyone who knows how to use a mobile phone can easily install & use D3D camera & security products. Again if you need any help to understand the product features, you can contact D3D support team anytime.

Q6-How to claim warranty & what are warranty conditions?

Fully comprehensive warranty is provided with each D3D product. If you find any issue during the warranty period, we will repair or replace your product free of cost. For more details on warranty terms & conditions, please visit:

Q7-How to register D3D product for warranty?

Customers can register online for warranty or simple give a missed call on +91-7838914148

Q8-I have purchased product from Amazon. Can I still register for warranty?

All D3D products purchased from D3D website or any third party E-commerce i.e. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, PaytM, Shopclues etc. can be registered for warranty online. To regiter, please go to Warranty Page:

Q9-Can I talk someone to discuss & understand the products before I purchase?

D3D sales team is available on phone/Live Chat/WhatsApp or email to help you answer any query you might have. They will answer any question patiently & effectively to help you understand the product & services provided by D3D Security System.

Q10-Can we return the product?

D3D Security System assures you the best of quality when it comes to our products. However, if you are not fully satisfied for any reason, you may return the product unused, and in the same condition as you received it, in its original packaging within 7 days from the date on which these goods are delivered.

Q11-How can I pay for the online purchase?

You can pay via our secured payment gateway using any credit/Debit card or can also get the COD in the specified areas. All payments are process security with high end security encryptions mechanism.

Wireless Security Camera FAQs

Q1-What are the benefits of security cameras?

CCTV system helps to:

  • Monitor live view on mobile/pc
  • Recording in SD card/Hard disk/cloud
  • Recordings can help to investigate any crime or events
  • According to study 80% thieves & burglars will avoid home with cctv protection
  • Q2-What is a wireless security camera?

    Wireless security cameras are cost effective & easy to use monitoring solution for home & small offices. Main benefits of wireless security cameras are:

  • Easy to install & manage. No need of professional installation.
  • Simply plug & play solution.
  • Live view on mobile phone & PC.
  • SD card slot to record videos. No need to attach DVR & expensive hard disk
  • Q3-What is difference between CCTV system & security camera?

    CCTV system setup normally combines wired cameras, DVR recorder, hard disk, switch ports, networking & multi power supply. Due to multiple components need to be professionally installed and managed, it is not very cost effective and easy to use cctv at home. A normal cctv solution cost approx. INR 20k On the other hand wireless security cameras are easy to install & use. Simple DIY solution for Plug & play easy installation. Wifi connectivity for live monitoring on mobile phone. Also very economical to buy starting from Rs 1999.

    Q4-How can user watch the live view of camera?

    Using the mobile application, user can watch the live view from camera on mobile phone & PC from anywhere in the world. It will need internet connection on mobile phone & camera.

    Q5-Do I need to pay anything extra to watch live view?

    Using the internet connection user can watch live view anytime on his mobile phone. There is no charge from D3D to watch the live view. Please note that you just need to pay for the internet usage on your phone to your service provider.

    Q6-How does camera save the videos?

    All D3D cameras support micro SD card with up to 128GB storage capacity. Simply insert the SD card into the camera and camera will start recoding. SD card need to be bought separately. User may also need to enable recording settings in the camera based on the camera model. D3D Cameras can also save on Cloud Server.

    Q7-What is Cloud & how much does it cost to save on cloud?

    Cloud is an internet based third party storage location. Supported D3D cameras can save videos on cloud server. Monthly cloud server subscription aprox INR 200-300/per month.

    Q8-Is it mandatory to buy cloud service to store camera recording?

    No it is not mandatory. You can simply use a SD card to record all videos & images.

    Q9-What is difference between continuous recording & motion detection recording?

  • Continuous Recording: Camera will continuously keep recording 24x7 even if there is no movement in front of camera.
  • Motion Detection Recording: In this method camera will only start recording when any motion is detected in front of camera. This method will avoid any un-necessary recording in SD card.
  • Q10-Does it require any special technical person to install the D3D Security cameras?

    All D3D security cameras are with plug & play function and very easy to install. It does not need any special installation service. Simply install the camera’s mobile & plug the camera into power socket. It takes les than 5 minutes to install the D3D camera.

    Q11-Does it need to buy any extra accessories for D3D security camera?

    D3D security cameras are supplied with all accessories and power plug etc. There is no need to buy any extra accessory to install the camera.

    Q12-Can the camera be installed on wall / ceiling?

    D3D WiFi security cameras are provided with free mounting bracket & screws and can be easily installed on wall and ceiling.

    Q13-How much does it cost to install a CCTV/Security camera at home?

    It depends on the number of cameras you need. One indoor camera cost approx. INR 2k and outdoor camera cost an average INR 3k

    Q14-What is PTZ function of WiFi Security camera?

    Using the PTZ function, user can remotely rotate the camera direction direct from the mobile phone. With PTZ function, a single camera can be rotated and used to monitor all direction. There is no need to install multiple cameras for all direction.

    Q15-What is two-way audio function?

    Using the two-way audio function user can listen the voice from camera and can also speak through camera. All D3D cameras have inbuilt mic & speaker to support two-way audio function.


    D3D Security / Burglar Alarm System FAQs

    Q1-How does D3D security alarm system work?

    D3D security alarm system send alerts on user mobile phone using the various sensors i.e. motion sensor, door / window senor, fire / Gas sensor etc.

    Q2-How many sensors can be connected with D3D Security System?

    Depends upon the model selected, user can connect upto 100 sensors with D3D security burglar alarm system.

    Q3-What is a motion sensor & how does it work?

    Motion sensor detect the human motion in the protected area and send alert on user mobile phone via D3D control unit. It helps to prevent any un-authorised entry in the home. If some try to enter in your home, you will get real time alert on mobile phone and take necessary action.

    Q4-On how many mobile phones can the D3D security system send alerts?

    User can configure upto 10 mobile numbers for alerts. All users will get the simultaneous alerts on their mobile phone.

    Q5-What is the difference between WiFi & GSM Alarm System?

    WiFi system sends alert using the internet, whereas GSM system use SIM card to send SMS alert.

    Q6-What is a siren & how does it work with D3D security system?

    Using the siren, D3D security system will trigger a loud siren to alert the neighbours. It will force any burglar or thief to stop entering your home.

    Q7-What are various method to lock/unlock D3D security alarm system?

    D3D security system can be controlled using the remote or mobile application from anywhere in the world. User can lock/unlock the D3D security system and can also control home lights & other electric appliances using the mobile application.

    Q8-Will D3D security system work if someone dis connect the main power supply?

    D3D security system has inbuilt re-chargeable battery which last upto 20 hrs even after the power cut. User will also get alert on mobile app if someone disconnect the power supply.

    Q9-How to install D3D Security system? Does it need any professional installation service?

    D3D security system is a DIY easy to install alarm system. Simply follow the steps provided in the installation video and you can install the system in less than 10 mins. There is no need of any professional installation service. Anyone with basis knowledge of mobile phone can easily install D3D security system.

    Q10-Does it require any wiring to install the D3D security / burglar alarm system?

    D3D burglar alarm system is a complete wireless solution. All sensors are wireless & battery powered. There is no need of any wiring to connect sensors with control unit.


    For more specific FAQs about any particular product, please go to corresponding product page and see the FAQ tab.

    *For further query/questions, please contact D3D customer support team @ +91-97114 11021 OR Email: