D3D Wireless GSM & Wifi Home Security Burglar Alarm System

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  • Model Name/No: D10
  • Package Include - 1* Control Unit, 3* Door Sensor, 3* Indoor PIR Sensor, 1* Door Bell, 1* Siren, 2* Remote, 1* Power Adapter
  • WIFI & GSM: Wireless security system powered with Wi-Fi & GSM technology. All alerts and data communication via WiFi. No need to worry about GSM SIM bill, DOOR BELL: Include Wireless door bell. Inbuilt Chime sound from control unit and notification send on mobile application. Never miss any visitor.
  • INBUILT HOME AUTOMATION: Full function home automation via iOS & Android mobile application. Control home lights, AC, fridge etc.
  • DUAL PROTECTION: In addition to mobile app alerts, system can call & send SMS alerts upto 10 family members. Two way audio communication to chat with family members or simply monitor. Loud siren to alert neighbours.

  • Easy to install Wireless Security Alarm system for Home/Office/Shops & Schools. Powered with GSM Sim. In case of intrusion, System call & send SMS alerts upto 9 numbers. Advanced technology used in banking and defence sector. Add upto 99 additional sensors i.e. Fire Sensor, Gas leakage, Door/Window sensor, Motion Detection Sensor, Shutter Sensor, Glass Sensor etc.
  • Autodial & SMS function to call and send SMS alerts on 9 mobile phones. Best Security system for Home, Office, Shops & Schools.
  • Easy to setup and operate. No need of installation services.
  • Just plug into power source and stream live view through your Mobile/ Tablet.
  • Step by step installation & FAQ videos.
  • High definition videos & images.
  • Support infrared night vision, real-time video, automatic covering and view video playback at any time.
  • 1 Year warranty & Customer Support.
  • Support multiple users live view recording at same time.
  • Save images and videos on Mobile/Tablets.
  • Best Security Solution for Home, Offices, Shops,Hospitality& Schools etc.


Technical Specification
D10-Security System
Brand D3D
Model Wi-Fi/GSM
Item Weight 322 g
Product Dimension 19 x 13 x 3 cm
Included component

1 Unit Wi-Fi/GSM alarm panel-D10,
2 remote key fobs,
3 wireless PIR motion sensor,
3 Wireless magnetic contact,
1 Wireless Doorbell,

1 Siren,
1 unit AC/DC Adapter,
1 Detailed User manual,
1 wall mounted/desktop installation bracket,
other installation screws

No of Item 1
Battery Included Yes
Battery Required Yes
Battery Cell Composition Alkaline
Material Plastic
Additional Information
Warranty & Support
Warranty Details: 1 Year Brand Warranty

Standard Package Including: 

1* D10 Control Unit White
3* Door Sensor
3* Indoor PIR Sensor
1* Doorbell
1* Siren
2* Remote
1* Power Adapter




Q1-If both wifi and sim are used, will we get 2 notifications? What happens if wifi is not working temporarily due to connectivity issues.?

If you are using D10 system, the first priority is wifi based notification on your mobile application if there is no wifi connection then it will automatically comes on GSM sim based notification, via calls or sms.

Q2-does it have battery backup in case power failure?

Yes, Control unit have battery backup of upto 10 hours.

Q3-For siren, is it outdoor or indoor ? and in case of ac failure, is it works ?

It is outdoor siren, In case of AC failure, it will work with battery.

Q4-What is the coverage area of main Control unit ?

In open area, its coverage area is 100 meter.

Q5-What is the warranty of this?

This product has 1 year warranty you just need to register it by our team.

Q6-What is the range of PIR sensor?

Range for PIR sensor is 15 Feet

Q7-How much backup provided by Alarm system?

It will work with power supply and if there is not power supply then it will provide battery back up of 8-10 hours.

Q8-What is the function of the smart switch?

Smart switch Controls home lights, electric appliances etc.

Q9-What is range of pir and magnetic/all sensors?

Range of PIR sensor is 110 degree angle, 12 meter and Door sensor Transmission distance 70- 100 meter.

Q10-Will the system call my phone number via gsm sim? i prefer calling over text?

Yes, the system will give you a notification via sms then you will get a call.

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