Wireless Glass Breaking Vibration Sensor for D3D Alarm System-D9 & D10

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  • Model Name/No: D9_VS
  • This is the perimeter protection for the wall or glass or and other buildings.
  • The vibration sensor is usually installed on doors and windows and walls.
  • The vibration sensor operates on the principle that when the door or window or walls vibrated by the intruder shock or dig, will trigger a signal to alarm system.
  • The vibration sensor is popular and widely used because they detect an intruder before he enters the protected premises.
  • Alarm LED glows on device triggering, Aesthetic design for variable installation.

Product Description

D3D Vibration sensor is to safeguard the glass window or walls that be broken by thieves to enter into house or office. This sensor is compatible with all D3D security systems.

  • Newly-developed sensor unit inside.
  • Wireless transmitting digital signal to control panel.
  • Thin structure design.
Working Voltage 9-12VDC
Battery Life About 1 year (counted at 3 times each day)
Wireless Frequency 433 MHZ
Transmission Range 100m
Working Current (mA) 10-30
Static Current(uA) 10
Smoke sensitivity In accordance with UL Standard 217
Operating temperature -10degree – +50degree
Relative humidity <95%
Size: (R X H) 107 X 36mm

Standard Package Including: 

  • 1 D3D Vibration sensor
  • Batteries
  • Mounting screws