Wireless Smart Switch for D3D Alarm System-D10

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  • Model Name/No: D9_SSW
  • Wireless Smart switch to remote control home electric device, Compatible with D10 Home Security System.
  • On/Off home electric device like AC/Cooler/Washing Machine/TV/Water Motor directly from the mobile application.
  • Low power consumption design & Shock Proof For Peace of Mind, Easy and hassle.

Product Description:

Control your home electrical appliances, on the go, in easy and hassle free-way with D3D Wi-Fi smart switch.Let your home powered with D3D smart gadget to run electrical appliance more easily and happily.


 *Compatible with D3D D10 Home Security System*Control from Anywhere through D10 Mobile application (Wisen)*Compatible with Timer to let device work, even when you are not at home.*No Hub Required


*D3D Smart Wi-Fi Outlet stays connected to your home network, so you can access your devices as needed on your smartphone through mobile application.*You can schedule automatically to turn on or off the electronic devices such as Lights/TV/Oven/Air/Conditioners ETC as your need. When the device is in use, set the time, the device will turn off automatically*Best for fire prevention in case forget to switch off light.*Turn devices ON and OFF at different times to give the appearance that someone is at home while you are away.*Easy to Share with your family members.

Package Include

Standard Package Including: 

1 x Wireless smart Switch

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